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Distribution Methods within Dv TDM

Dv TDM provides flexibility when it comes to distributing individual, groups or sets of documents. Some of the more popular methods are summarized as follows:

  • Generating a formal Transmittal with selected documents as attachments and forwarding (via email or printed output) to recipient(s)
  • Emailing the actual document files to recipient(s)
  • Emailing electronic links to the documents to recipient(s)
  • Printing documents and distributing to recipient(s)
  • Exporting and/or archiving to other media
  • Converting sets of documents to .DWF or .PDF
  • Compressing the transmittal set of documents into a single zip file

Using Dv TDM search capabilities, the user inputs their particular search criteria. Dv TDM returns a listing of the documents found and allows the user to tag those documents they wish to distribute. Then the user selects the appropriate Dv TDM distribution option (like one of those noted above).


Click to Enlarge If the user chooses to send a group of documents via the Transmittal method, the user would be prompted to select recipients from the systems' recipient list. Once the selection(s) have been made, the user would be prompted to select the transmittal style.

The user would make the appropriate selections and then click ‘Next’. A Transmittal Report (a customizable cover sheet) would be generated reflecting all the appropriate recipient information along with details of each document contained in the transmittal. This transmittal cover sheet along with the selected documents would then be packaged and output based upon the user selection.


Sample Transmittal Cover Sheet

Click to EnlargeDv TDM tracks, and the user can obtain, detailed transmittal information (including which revision of a document was transmitted) based upon each recipient and/or document transmitted. This information can be used for audit purposes, for regenerating a particular transmittal, etc.












Sample Transmittal Recipient History

Click to Enlarge

Sample Transmittal Document History Report

Click to Enlarge

Click here to view a demonstration video


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