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The ability to easily search and retrieve documents and associated information is a key feature of Dv TDM. Two primary methods are available.

  Search Tab   Project Tab


The user can select the one which serves their particular need or alternate between the two.

Search Tab

The Dv TDM search tool is presented to the user in one of the four main function tabs. Like the other function tabs, it is configurable specific to various user profile groups. One of the most widely used methods to find/retrieve documents is from the Search tab. Index fields related to the document repository are presented on this tab for the user to (in any combination) note the values which they desire to search. Date fields automatically provide for single date or date range search and Boolean type search parameters are acceptable.

Click to EnlargeAdditionally, Dv TDM allows for a ‘Content Text Search’ field which allows the user to include content text strings in their search. The Dv TDM search engine will return the list of documents which meet the search criteria including documents containing the content text indicated.

The user can then make their selection(s) from the List tab and take appropriate actions or navigate to the Record or View tab to see document details.



Project Tab

The Project Tab provides a different method for users to access and retrieve documents. This tab presents an unlimited number of virtual directory (tree structure type) views based upon pre-configured index field value hierarchy. For example, a virtual view could list records based upon 'Department’, ‘Document Type’, ‘Current Status’, etc. which would then present a directory tree listing those documents grouped in that order. Another virtual view could list records based upon ‘Project’, ‘Discipline’, ‘Current Status’, etc. The tree structure view is very similar to a typical explorer directory tree structure view. The user simply selects the view based upon their current retrieval needs and drills down into the directory structure to the desired level(s).

Once the user has the necessary documents presented at the appropriate level, they can take various actions on that group of documents. Some users prefer the Project tab approach to document/record retrieval because it presents documents in a manner they are already accustomed to.

Document Security

Regardless of the method used to search, retrieve or access documents, users only have access to those documents that they have been given security rights to access. Both the retrieval methods noted above operate with respect to the document security that has been established.

Other Search/Retrieval Methods

Dv TDM also contains a native SQL query option which offers another search and retrieval method for more advanced users.


Searching Documents Managed by Dv TDM Demonstration Video


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