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Email Management

Dv TDM has the ability to email documents or links to documents as one of many methods of distribution.

Cadalyst Magazine ran an article titled Examining AEC File Exchange which quoted research done by "Harris Interactive Polling Organization" "E-mail is the most used method of document exchange - 90% of survey respondents use this method."


Emailing links

The ability of Dv TDM to send links to files in Dv TDM without the need to send the actual files increased document security reduces network traffic and reduces space needed to store multiple copies of a document.

Two different types of links can be created. The DVL file is used to launch the desktop interface for Dv TDM. a web link can also be created that will launch Dv Web.

The recipient will receive an email with a small attachment (DVL Link) and a Dv Web URL link, which when clicked will open Dv TDM with the documents that you wished viewed. The email recipient must have Dv TDM or access to the Web version of Dv TDM.


Emailing Documents

In addition to sending links to records/documents, the actual document can also be emailed. This is useful for sending documents to users that do not have access to Dv TDM or Dv Web.


Dv TDM can be configured to send emails via the users email client application or directly from a server via SMTP.





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