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Email Management

Dv TDM can store and index your incoming emails intelligently so emails may be quickly referenced and retrieved in the future using the customizable search mechanism. Emails can be automatically imported into Dv TDM using the Dv Email Indexer utility, via MS Outlook integration, or through simple drag and drop.

Dv Email Indexer

The Dv Email Indexer utility add-on can be used to automatically import emails (pre-screened if you choose) into Dv TDM and automatically store them on the server in a pre-configured location (i.e., by Project, Discipline, etc.) Additionally, the Indexer can organize emails based upon processing rules related to such items as content in the subject line or content of the email. Alternatively, an email address can be assigned for a specific Project, Building or Part classification in order to manage the categorization of the emails. The Dv Email Indexer can be used with any email client and the emails may exist in the document management system and the email client or solely within Dv TDM.




Outlook Integration

Dv TDM has a built in Application Wizard that can be used to create integration with Outlook. This serves to enhance your document management utilization by allowing users to add emails directly into Dv TDM by simply right-clicking on the email in Outlook and choosing the appropriate action. Dv TDM can be setup so that the email can automatically populate indexing field values from the metadata such as title, to, cc, etc. A user may also be prompted to populate certain Dv TDM database fields via a pop-up menu before they can complete the process. Once the user saves the information, the email is automatically imported, indexed, and copied to a pre-configured client defined location.





Drag and Drop

The simplest form of adding emails to Dv TDM is to drag and drop the email directly into the application. As with the other two methods, the email will contain the text content of the email, all attachments, and the native .msg file. The metadata can be mapped into specific database fields. If the email is dragged directly into the Project Folder portion of the application, additional database fields can automatically be populated and the email can be automatically copied to a client defined location.


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