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System Design

The full suite of Dv TDM products are developed so that they can be tailored at the time of installation without any modification to the actual software code. Dv TDM has been developed with easy-to-use administrative utilities that allow you to customize the look, feel and nomenclature to coincide with your existing business applications. This enables you to configure a document management tool that is complementary to your existing business scenarios. These utilities are used to create unique database fields specific to your document indexing needs and life cycle processing actions.

Pre-implementation worksheets, along with individuals from Practical Programs Professional Services Group, assist you in the successful design (i.e., installation, implementation and configuration) of the Dv TDM system.

Below is a list of just a few of the things you can do when designing a Dv TDM system:

  • Create unique indexing identifiers for categorization and indexing of various document types.
  • Identify the type of database field (i.e., text, lookup, date, memo, etc.) to control input and eliminate user error.
  • Have an unlimited number of database fields.
  • Establish which fields are mandatory.
  • Establish which fields are displayed on which user profile templates.
  • Establish which fields are editable by which user profile level.
  • Establish document access and menu security rights.
  • Establish what process macros (i.e., Check In, Check Out, Revise, Approve, etc.) are to be available.
  • Search and retrieve documents based upon any combination of these categorization/index values.
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