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Document Management Systems for MS Office, AutoCAD & Microstation

Document Management


Data Viewer - Total Document Management (Dv TDM) is a robust globally recognized solution for managing everything from day-to-day business documents to technical documents and drawings throughout their entire lifecycle. Dv TDM Dv TDM supports Microsoft Office documents (i.e., Word, Excel, Outlook) along with engineering documents/drawings such as AutoCAD, Microstation, PDF, and many more. Share documents and drawings on the web, control versions, view and markup documents without the need for the native file application and more. It is designed with an extensive set of configurable features that serve to address a wide spectrum lifecycle business processes for almost any type of electronic file. Dv TDM provides document viewing capabilities for over 200 common file formats without the need for the native application to be installed on the accessing user's machine. Dv TDM is packed with Workflow, Knowledge Group, Transmittals modules and much more to make managing documents and drawing files easy throughout their entire lifecycle. Manage and access technical project documents worldwide from a central repository through Internet Explorer. Speed enhancement options will make centralized drawings and documents accessible at local LAN/WAN speeds. ScreenShot

Who uses Dv TDM?
Companies or departments that need to manage drawings and documents in the same repository on a project basis. Common industries we serve are Engineering, Architecture, Transportation, Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Manufacturing. Project files are stored in their native file format so clients can integrate documents with legacy ERP and Mapping systems. Reference files are also managed by Dv TDM without requiring a third party application.

For organizations on a tight budget, the Quick Start Edition may better suit your needs. For organizations that do not desire the full power of Dv TDM, Dv Projectis recommended for projects with fewer than 10 users in companies with a very limited budget and minimal IT resources.


Dv TDM Document Management

Notable Dv TDM Features

Below is a listing of just some of the unique benefits that set Dv TDM apart from it competition.

  • Users can view documents from within Dv TDM, without the need for the native application being installed on their device
  • Ability to email links to documents instead of the actual document files  MORE... 
  • Built-in graphical workflow engine  MORE... 
  • Can be tailored so that document/drawing records can be indexed to reflect a many-to-many relationship
  • Knowledge Groups feature can email users when document actions occur  MORE... 
  • Users can access Dv TDM from their web browser and not only access document records but perform critical life-cycle actions (i.e. Check In, Check Out, Edit, Markup, Distribute etc.) based upon their record security access rights  MORE... 
  • Does not store the actual files inside the database (as a binary object BLOB) or inside a database vault, instead the native file is always the native file. Dv TDM simply stores files into pre-configured file share locations accessible to the user only through Dv TDM
  • Highly configurable user interface which can be used by the entire organization, or customized for each user group to meet specific needs  MORE... 
  • Built-in transmittal generator that is customizable to fit any business need  MORE... 
  • Capable of being implemented in multiple environment such as Thick Client (i.e. desktop application), Thin Client (i.e. Web), Hosted/Cloud and accessible via Citrix, VPN, PC or tablet and iPad type smart devices

More Dv TDM Features

Related Products:
Dv Web
Data Viewer - Web (Dv Web) is an add-on module that allows users to access Dv TDM though Internet Explorer, a web browser window (thin client) instead of from a desktop computer with Dv TDM installed (thick client).  MORE... 

Dv SharePoint

Data Viewer - SharePoint Integration (Dv SharePoint) is an add-on for Dv TDM that integrates Dv TDM into MS SharePoint as a searchable collection. It allows SharePoint users to optionally include the Dv TDM managed documents in the search results queried from SharePoint.  MORE... 

Dv Geospatial

Data Viewer - Geospatial (Dv Geospatial) is an add-on to Dv TDM that offers users a robust, location-based data management application, which provides fast, secure, and cost-saving access to your information asset base. It provides all the capabilities of an advanced Geographical Information System (GIS), while fully integrating with Dv TDM to supply an expanded set of record/document management tools. Dv Geospatial delivers an intuitive, map-based, enterprise wide Document, Drawing & Asset Management System, all in a single, highly-extensible interface.  MORE...

Dv NAV is an integration add-on for Dv TDM that allows bi-directional document manipulation with MS Navision and Dv TDM. MORE...


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