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Dv Office

Dv Office - Enterprise Document Control for Office
Document Control with concurrent client licensing distributed via desktop and web access. View, markup, check-out, and much more. Take control of your network directories. Explore Dv Office below and call us today to schedule a one-on-one web demonstration or request pricing below.

Customized data fields and user interfaces, change your screen design, add your logo and change your colors easily. Everything is configurable to the way you do business. Check out, revision control, transmittals, markup, and so much more! You can view and convert over 200 different file formats without requiring the native application.
Unlimited levels of security are managed by a users' log in. Set up profiles with customized user templates to control the user's functionality. New users can easily be assigned a profile with pre-configured security and user interfaces. Security is so granular that you can control every single menu option!
Network configuration is the most flexible you will find. Manage documents from a single repository or from multiple servers and locations. Force users to use uniform directories with Dv TDM's required database fields and file moving automation. Synchronize databases in multiple locations and enjoy the side benefits of backup and redundancy. LAN/WAN optimization is an option as well.
Reporting is customizable using our internal Report Builder or Crystal Reports. Report on any combination of database fields and calculate operations in the Dv Office database. System reports include audit history, list results, workflow status, and more. Customized reports can be designed for percent complete or any document related reports currently generated by your organization.

Design an unlimited number of workflow reports to manage your workflow process. Our easy-to-use workflow designer allows you to set up email notifications with timers and instructions. Team members and supervisors can also be set up with notifications to keep up with changes on project documents.

Dv Web is a great tool to publish information to outside users including contractors, vendors, and clients. Most features are available in the web version. Changes can easily be made by the desktop administrator and automatically published out to the web version. Users across the globe can view and markup a file on your system which can instantly be seen by any user.



Drag multiple documents into a folder and everything happens in an instant!
-Files are copied (or moved) to the correct location on the server or local drive.
-Files are indexed for content search and a thumbnail is generated.
-Metadata is populated (project number, discipline, document number, title block fields, and more!).

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View and markup many types of documents in our viewer without requiring the native application. Print the document with the markups or convert to PDF. You are in control!

Tag, convert, and distribute documents and drawings instantly. Track versions and look up transmittal history with one click! Document packages can be sent out via email, FTP, or printed. A PDF transmittal cover sheet is generated automatically and included with the email. Oh, you can also edit the cover sheet!

Dv TDM is perfect for searching, archiving, and managing all kinds of files including CAD, Office, emails, PDF and more! Tag records or projects and instantly move or copy the data to another server, a DVD, or an FTP site! Export data into Excel for drawing reports, manipulating data, or whatever you want.



If you wish to know more about how we can assist you or for a product demonstration,
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