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Dv Office

Dv Office - DataViewer Total Document Management software puts you in control of your documents.

Dv Office views over 200 file formats and includes advanced features such as content search, revision control, internet access to files from anywhere in the world, and unlimited group level security. Dv Office is document management software that is fully configurable to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Stores Files in their Native File Format - Dv Office document management software stores your documents without altering them in any way. Dv Office uses your current directory structure and keeps files in their native file format.
  • Web Interface - provide access to information in your database through Dv Office’s fully functional web interface. You can also create a customized website portal for your employees, clients, suppliers, and other business partners. This combined with the advanced document security allows you to distribute information quickly and efficiently, while ensuring that it does not fall into the wrong hands.
  • Import Utilities - importing existing (electronic) legacy documents can be the most expensive part of an implementation. Dv Office can import all of your data with all words indexed in one business day in most cases.
  • Incorporate new documents automatically - Dv Office easily Integrates with other applications like Word to automatically incorporate new documents as they are created.
  • Database information is automatically populated - simply ‘drag and drop’ incoming electronic documents such as emails and Word files into Dv Office. The Dv Office database information is automatically populated and the document is stored in the appropriate directory.
  • Content search and retrieval - Dv Office’s intelligent Content Searching feature automatically indexes the entire contents of your documents making search and retrieval a breeze. - Movie
  • Workflow that assists in document routing, approvals, etc. - the graphical workflow engine ensures documents are routed throughout the organization in an efficient manner that conforms to your business rules and quality standards, while informing you immediately of any delays and bottlenecks in your current processes.
  • Document Security - Dv Office’s comprehensive security features protect your documents from unauthorized access. You control who views, prints, or edits your documents; all with the simple click of a mouse.
  • Customizable Templates - customize Dv Office for different users or groups of users quickly and easily. You can configure which fields and functions to display and how to structure your folders and index fields. Dv Office makes customizing your form designs and menu templates so simple. With Dv Office, you are able to make them more intuitive and appealing to the end user which reduces the amount of training required while increasing staff acceptance and reducing the possibility of operator error.

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