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Dv Scheduler

Dv Scheduler

Dv Scheduler is an Add-On utility for Dv TDM that provides the ability to import document files directly into Dv TDM.

Dv Scheduler watches folders and indexes new files. New files can be checked for at specified intervals so as not to use excessive processing time. The name of the file, the file attributes, and the file location can be used to populate the database record created when a new file is detected. The new files are not renamed or moved.

Features include the following:

  • Automatically indexing and categorizing new document files
  • Bulk importing document files into Dv TDM
  • Live repository monitoring
  • Schedule how often importing is done
  • Allows for several folder import configurations
  • Only imports documents that have not been previously indexed
  • Can use the folder names, file name and file properties to populate index fields
  • Can schedule how often this is done
  • Can run as a service
  • Can run as a Windows scheduled task
  • Can be launched from the command line
  • Can email a daily report of imported files


See Dv FolderWatch as a similar folder import solution.


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