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Dv NAV is an integration add-on for Dv TDM that allows bi-directional document manipulation with MS Navision and Dv TDM.

Features include the following:

  • Integrates the robust feature set Dv TDM with Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV
  • Enables the linking of any standing or transactional data in NAV (e.g., Items, BOMs, Service Items, Service Orders, Fixed Assets, Customers , Vendors , Sales Order Lines etc.) to the associated document set in Dv TDM providing for full life cycle management of any electronic file type
  • A Dv TDM tab is inserted on the Item Card of the Dynamics NAV system for easy accessibility to Dv TDM
  • Easily configurable from its Settings Card just as Dv TDM is
  • Provides configurability to enable the viewing of documents that are related to the BOM plus each individual component in the BOM
  • Provides configurability to enable the viewing of documents from within the NAV system or switch to the Dv NAV management console for further Dv TDM configurable options
  • Using the Dv NAV Mgt. Console one can link items and documents (over to Dv TDM) in a one to many or many to many relationship
  • Using the Dv NAV Mgt. Console you can access the DvTDM client for full TDM functionality (search, check in/out, workflow etc) as well as link to other documents
  • Documents can be manually or bulk uploaded to the DvTDM database and then automatically link to their respective Items, BOMS etc. within NAV
  • Dv NAV provides NAV users with all the document distribution and packaging methods built into Dv TDM

Dv NAV Brochure


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