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Dv Email Indexer

Dv Email Indexer

Dv Email Indexer is an Add-On utility for Dv TDM that polls a POP or IMAP server for documents (emails) to bring into Dv TDM.

It provides the ability to have emails that are sent to a specific email account brought into Dv TDM. It has the ability to use filters (rules) on Subject Lines, Sent From, Sent To, etc. so that only emails that meet certain criteria are brought into Dv TDM. This can serve to replace or augment the traditional Drag and Drop methods for emails to enter the system.

After importing emails they can be removed from the POP mailbox that Dv Email Indexer is monitoring. Dv Email Indexer monitors a POP mailbox for the arrival of new emails. Dv Email Indexer can be configured to check for new emails at specified time intervals.

Dv Email Indexer only works with the Dv TDM product line. It can apply rule sets to the mail to determine which messages are imported and where the imported messages are placed.


Press Release: EMail Indexer Provides the Ability to Capture Every Project Email Automatically


Notable Features:

  • Poll POP and IMAP server (including MS Exchange)
  • Multiple email servers
  • Multiple email accounts / addresses
  • Unlimited filters


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