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Aquarius Web.SCAN

With today's squeeze between rising business costs and an increasingly competitive marketplace, a smart company must look for innovative ways to cut costs and provide better service to their clients. Enter Web.SCAN Remote Capture Software! Designed to complement the Aquarius document management software (DMS) line but will also work well with all other DMS systems.

Extremely Easy to Use

Web.SCAN was designed to be used by someone that is new to scanning documents. The simple, intuitive interface allows novice users to capture and transmit their work easily. An optional customized help video can be created explaining exactly how you would like the work organized and how to operate the specific scanner you recommend. Each completed batch is automatically queued to be sent securely via an internet connection to your Aquarius server for processing. The software automatically accounts for lost internet connections or other interruptions so you can be sure your work is completely transferred. 



Flexible Indexing Capabilities

Web.SCAN was designed to allow for a variety of indexing methods that can be tailored according to your specific needs. Barcode recognition is built in and can be used to index specific documents or barcode cover sheets can be created to identify work types (i.e., Dr. Smith charges or Dr. Smith EOB's). Documents can also be manually indexed by the client or put into the Aquarius workflow to be indexed during the posting process. Multiple index fields can be used to identify each document if necessary.

Zero Deployment Web Based Scanning

One of the biggest costs when considering capturing your documents remotely is the cost of deploying the capture software on all the remote capture workstations, and keeping the software updated on those workstations. Web.SCAN eliminates these costs by taking advantage of Microsoft's new 'Zero-Deployment' technology. The remote workstations simply use a web browser to run the scanning application directly from your website. No matter how many scan stations you have, Web.SCAN is installed on only one computer: your web server. When a Web.SCAN software update is released, only the web server needs to be updated. Web.Scan also automatically sets up the secure transfer process that is transparent to the user and keeps a log of current and transferred batches.

Automated Indexing

Web.SCAN uses barcode recognition to automate the indexing of your client’s documents. Barcode cover sheets can be preprinted to identify the batch type. For example, a sheet could be created for "Dr. Smith EOBs" and one for "Dr. Smith Charges". The client puts the batch cover sheet in front of the batch, sets the batch in the scanner, and clicks on "Scan". Web.SCAN scans the batch and indexes it as "Dr. Smith EOB's" automatically by reading the barcode cover sheet. 

Barcode labels can also be created with the Aquarius AnyBar label creation software. AnyBar allows your clients to print barcode labels using data from their practice management system. For example, your client might print a barcode containing the patient ID for the documents to be scanned. This barcode label is then attached to the charge document. Web.SCAN reads the barcode and indexes the charge to the patient automatically.

Secure Transfer

Web.SCAN uses the same encryption technology that most credit card transactions use over the web: SSL (secure socket layer). With 128 bit encryption, SSL meets HIPAA guidelines for secure data transfer. 


Transferred batches can be brought into Aquarius automatically and made part of your specific workflow. Based on your needs, batches can be manually assigned or automatically routed to a worker's in-basket for processing. Aquarius can be integrated with your billing software to "attach" images to the patient record in your software.


Web.SCAN and Aquarius can be fully integrated with most medical billing software packages. Whether your system is DOS based, Unix, AS400 or Windows based, Aquarius has a strategy to help you integrate your billing software to create a seamless method of access.

Features Highlighted

  • Low deployment cost
  • Support for industry standard low to medium volume capture devices (using the TWAIN interface)
  • Simple interface that anyone can use to scan
  • Automatic transfer of batches
  • Error correction to recover from dropped internet connections or computer lockups
  • Automated barcode indexing capability
  • Blank sheet document separator capability
  • Simple manual indexing capability
  • Insert and append documents
  • Automatic batch history report
  • Works with any internet connection (high speed preferred)
  • Batches are sent with an XML file for automated import into Aquarius
  • XML file may be used to import into other imaging systems
  • Zero Deployment web based scanning
  • No installation of scanning software at the remote location
  • Available customized video help files
  • Automated client version control
  • Secure transfer using HTTPS (secure socket layer)


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