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Aquarius ASP

Aquarius ASP

Realize substantial savings and keep the value. With Aquarius Cloud there is no need to purchase software or hardware, no IT staff to maintain, no maintenance fees, and no backup procedures required . It’s that simple.


Aquarius Cloud Hosted Solution

Aquarius offers an inexpensive way to scan documents with a minimal investment. Our web-based scanning software does not require you to load any software...just sign in to our secure website and you’re ready to scan. Scan your batches and index them manually or let us show you how to automate the indexing using bar-codes. Once you complete a batch, the images and indexes are transferred securely via an internet connection to our server and available immediately via a standard web browser (with security authorization). Each night your batches can be processed using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and are available for full text search.


Extremely Easy to Use

The simple, intuitive interface allows users to capture and transmit their work easily. Each completed batch is automatically queued to be sent securely via an internet connection to the Aquarius server for processing and storage. Access your files via a standard web browser.


Zero Deployment Web Based Remote Scanning

One of the biggest costs when considering capturing your documents remotely is the cost of setting up the capture workstations and keeping the software up to date on those workstations. WebScan eliminates these costs by taking advantage of Microsoft's new 'Zero-Deployment' technology. The remote workstations use a web browser to run the scanning application directly from your website. WebScan is installed on only one computer: your web server.

When a WebScan software update is released, only the web server needs to be updated. WebScan also automatically sets up the secure transfer process that is transparent to the user and keeps a log of current and transferred batches.


Automated Indexing

WebScan uses barcode recognition to automate the indexing of your documents. Barcode coversheets can be preprinted to identify the documents. Barcode labels can also be created with the Aquarius AnyBar label creation software. AnyBar allows you to print bar-coded labels using data from your billing system. For example, you might print a barcode containing the customer ID for the documents to be scanned. This barcode label is then attached to the charge document. WebScan reads the barcode and indexes the document to the customer automatically. Aquarius AnyBar software can be set up to create these labels from most any billing system with the press of a button. Aquarius Cloud can also utilize the optional AQ-File pre-indexing desktop indexing system. Index your documents from a simple browser based application and automatically create a barcode cover sheet or label. Documents are scanned and automatically indexed by the indexes you entered at your desk.


Secure Transfer & Access

Aquarius Cloud uses the same technology that most credit card transactions use over the web—secure socket layer (SSL). With 128bit encryption, SSL meets all guidelines for secure data transfer.


Main Features

  • No need to purchase or maintain a server, perform backups, or load software
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Automatic batch transfers
  • Error correction to recover from dropped internet connections or computer lockups
  • Automated barcode indexing capability
  • Simple manual indexing capability
  • Blank sheet document separator capability
  • Insert and append documents
  • Automatic batch history report
  • Access your documents from anywhere, anytime - online
  • Secure Aquarius servers with synchronized co-location site
  • CD\DVD archives with integrated viewing software available
  • Zero Deployment Web based scanning
  • No installation of scanning software at the remote location
  • Automated client version control
  • Secure transfer using HTTPS (SSL)
  • Authorized user access
  • Web-based retrieval with full text search capability
  • Virtual white-out for masking areas prior to printing



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